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Luxury Linens

FRETTE is an Italian textile company known for its premium linen. It was established in 1860 in Grenoble, France.
In 1881, Frette became Official Purveyors to the Italian Royal Family. Their linens are used in total hospitality establishments such as the Ritz and Four Seasons George V in Paris, the Savoy in London, the Plaza in New York, the Ritz-Carlton in Denver, Colorado, the Peninsula in Hong Kong, and Raffles in Singapore.
Frette created the Tablecloth of the "Holy Virgin" for the altar at St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome, based upon a drawing by the French painter Meurillion. The 19th-century tablecloth was reproduced in 2000 for the papal celebrations at the Vatican.
Frette table linens were used in the banqueting rooms on board the Titanic, and are still used today aboard the Orient Express.
On December 1, 1860, Jean Baptiste Edmond Frette, Alexandre Payre and Charles Chaboud manufacture and distribute home linens from Grenoble France. Two plants were established in 1865 in Concorezzo Italy near Monza with production of luxury fabrics on jacquard looms; where the company is still based today. In 1878, Frette opened its first retail shop in Manzoni, Milan, in a building where it still operates today. In 1879–1881 the company became E. Frette & Co. The founding partners are Guieseppi Maggi, Carlo Antonetti and Edmond Frette. Frette has 9 retail locations in the United States, 25 in Asia, and many more around the world.

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Exclusive Hair Style

Gabrio Staff Olimpo in Milan

Gabrio Staff Brand New Hair Spa

An idea that was born out of a woman’s typical desire for complicity, gentleness, protection, and the fundamental requirement that a modern salon offer not only salon services but also ever-new sensory experiences to a clientele that is curious and exacting in its demands. The Hair Spa was born because Gabrio Staff believes that the customer must live her appointment with the hairdresser as a moment that is exclusively hers; one which serves to reinvigorate and pamper her. At the Gabrio Staff Hair Spa a great deal of importance will be placed on relaxing and taumaturgical massages for the hair cuticle. This will be done with shampoos that are specially designed to treat the hair and mentally allow the client to immerse themselves in a totally care-free state of pleasure and satisfaction. The salon is made up almost exclusively of cabins where every client’s entire treatment is separate from the others (each with its own theme) so as to enjoy maximum privacy and seclusion.

Line with a strong medieval flavour. We have had in mind a Joan of Arc of our times with vintage shirt of Saint Laurent and heavy make up that highlights the fighting look. We imagined an angelic girl with long soft blonde hair that is fed up with being considered “too good” that decides to “lose the innocence and cleanliness” of her image by assuming an expression and style of life more aggressive and warlike. A warrior. Joan of Arc, just, but also Nikita and Mathhilda of Luc Besson.This line is very instinctive, deliberately “badly” cut with quick and apparent casual strokes with a large tailor scissors almost like as if the girl were to cut her hair by herself in a moment of determination with the first thing that she had in her hand. An image that is suitable to be proposed to a woman on the verge of a drastic personal revolution, then, a woman decided to decend into the battle field and that attributes a strong changing meaning to the decision to cut her hair, and that is trying to make her image a real and genuine statement of her personality, able to tell the world that something within her has changed. Extremely suitable then is the color BLACK for sinking the hand even further in change. Not mediating any more, we have decided to change and we will do it right up to the end. Stylistically, this line is a bob with slightly longer ends at the front and with a very short and full fringe. At end cut (blunt cut) with the tailors scissors as previously mentioned, tips are made dirty by an irregular cut and creating small nicks. The basis of inspiration can suddenly change and take inspiration from the Thirties of the ART DECO’ just by adding feathers to the dress with from experienced fantasy.


This style presents very clean haircuts, particularly at the back. Some irregular locks jut out from the sides and caress the face, while the full, flat bangs dominate the forehead.
The ends have been slightly bleached, while the roots feature warm colors, in the shades of brown and tobacco, which contribute to making this haircut perfect for an intense metropolitan life.


After last year’s dreamy and elegant white this year’s style is black-tinged. In the past the style’s inspiration was the glamour woman, like Mary Quant, or the courageous and pure one like Joan of Arc.
This year however personalities that are decidedly more independent, forceful, and assertive are in play. Like Victoria Beckham, for whom a line is named, or the divine Greta Garbo; a fashion that offers style and beauty to face this autumn-winter with a determined look that deep down is sensual and warm. Gabrio Staff looks at a woman who knows what direction she is going in; a woman who with a stare deters the most fearful of men by displaying herself as a wall of self-esteem and confidence, however with an unconscious, desperate need for tenderness, motherhood and family which betray her the moment she finds the right clue to distract her and get her to lower the defenses of her aggressive femininity.This line’s cutting approach draws inspiration from the old bob cuts of the 80’s. The sections of the back area are raised upwards and cut horizontally in a tousled manner, while the back area is used as a guide for proceeding to the lateral sections. These sections are flung towards the back, thereby automatically obtaining the length in the front.The front area is cut in three sections while trying to unwind, once the length of the lock has been determined, using gentle twists.

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Luxury Holiday in Rajasthan

The Neemrana Fort-Palace

The Neemrana Fort and Palace luxury five star hotel is one of the oldest luxury heritage hotels in India. This fort was constructed in the year 1464. Neemrana became the third capital of the descendants of Prithviraj Chauhan III, who was killed in battle by Mohammad Ghori in 1192 AD. This picturesque site was chosen by Raja Rajdeo and Neemrana derived its name from a brave local chieftain Nimola Meo, who when defeated by the Chauhans, pleaded that his name be given to his lost kingdom.
The entire Neemrana Fort and Palace luxury five star hotel is spread over a land area of 25 hectares and is built over 10 ground levels. The rooms at the Neemrana Fort and Palace luxury five star hotel are very well decorated with a heady mix of traditional and colonial objects d'art and furniture. All the guestrooms are fully air-conditioned and fitted with room amenities. The most fascinating room at the Neemrana Fort and Palace luxury five star hotel is perhaps the Francisi Mahal or the colonial suite that reflects French colonial suite. The other theme based and very attractive guestrooms at the Neemrana Fort and Palace luxury five star heritage hotel are the Barsat Mahal, Sheesh Mahal and the Malabar room.
The travel website Luxury Rajasthan Tours provide you with details on online hotel reservations and hotel booking at the Neemrana Fort and Palace luxury five star hotel in Neemrana in Alwar, Rajasthan, India.
During your stay at the Neemrana Fort and Palace luxury five star hotel you can enjoy activities such as treasure hunts, indoor games, ayurvedic rejuvenation and meditation, camel cart rides and more.

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Unique brand of Glamour-Rosato

A Rosato jewel allows every woman to celebrate femininity, versatility, and creativity, empowering her to create her own style. The extensive collections can be mixed and matched, giving way to rich combinations of colours, textures and shapes. Combining these elements of magical alchemy brings about a unique treasure that reflects the mood, personality and joys of its wearer. Rosato evokes gold's warmth melted with the desire to share emotions and happy moments and there is always a hint of glamour and irony in all its collections.

Flower Collection. Refinement, freshness, intensity: yellow and white gold blossom to give life to impalpable floral decorations on white enamel almost as if colour dissolves and concentrates in the strength of an absolute shade. It spreads necklaces, rings, earrings with evocative names - Blossoms, Petals, Rose, Jasmine. Each stroke of brush lightens up and adds uniqueness, emotions are translated into all but plain nuances.

Sahara and Safari Collection. A rainbow of enamels that give new life to Rosato's gold. Red, pink, blue, green, black, bronze: Sahara Collection is a variety of colours decorated with little gold leaves handmade one by one. African fashion dominates in the Safari Collection: yellow gold perfectly matching the animalieur eccentricity of zebra and spotted pattern to fit all occasions, daytime as well as night time.

Hermitage Collection. The name calls to mind great artists and unforgettable paintings. Hermitage jewels shine in winter colours: the enamels sparkle in shades of red, violet, bronze and pearl white. Humorous and odd combinations play with the perfect design of earrings, bracelets and chains. Every creation is light, everlasting, elegant and striking at the same time. In this universe, charms turn into little gold nuggets or bizarre and cute 'matrioska' - a perfect balance between handicraft and creative and technological innovation.

Capri Collection. In the mood for summer, Capri is Rosato's Summer Limited Edition. It offers long chains, earrings, bracelets and charms in yellow gold, painted with romantic enamels. Pale blue like the wonderful sea and light red like coral, these colourful jewels evoke the freshness and vitality of Meditteranean summer soirées.

Divina: The new astonishing Rosato collection. It is a fusion of fashion and femininity dedicated to a very elegant woman who wants to be stylish and glamorous in every detail. Gold in its most up-to-date shade - pink - combines its intrinsic eternal value with a very refined look. Rocca's diamond-cut crystal creates a light and shadow effect giving sensuality to the stone. Diamonds inside the highly pure and colourless quartz, give shape to suggestive little cases and romantic ribbons. These magical and charming jewels will be treasured for a lifetime for their sensual and vibrating beauty.

Discover the charm of Rosato's jewels at select Damas outlets across the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, and soon in Saudi Arabia.

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Luxury Water

Water for Rich People

Why do certain rich people try so hard to make sure everyone knows how much money they have? They wear designer clothes, drive fancy cars, and now, they have their own special water. Bling H2O is catering to the conspicuously wealthy everywhere. A 750 ml. bottle of water is $40, while the smaller version cost $20.

Paris Hilton buys Bling H2O for her dog. In case you want to be just like Paris Hilton, they do offer bottle designs named Paris Pink and Tinkerbell. The limited edition Paris Pink design is a 750 ml. frosted glass bottle with pink Swarovski crystals and sells for $40. The Tinkerbell baby Bling water bottle sells for $20. It looks exactly like the Paris Pink except it is only 375 ml. If you would like to buy a case of (12) 750 ml. water bottles, it will cost about $420!

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Exclusive Jewellery

If you like luxury jewellery, you should run an eye on this pieces.

From Bucellati collection

Buccellati- the family jewels

Revered Milanese goldsmith and jeweller, Bucellati, still family owned and run, is ultimate master of spun and woven gold. Trough painstaking hand-craftsmanship, the Bucellati artisans have perfected techniques first pioneered in Renaissance Italy, conjuring gold into minutely hand-pierced lace and gauze, and into engraved silk, brocade and satin with a dazzling sheen like sunlight on water, often merging white, rose and pale, burnished yellow gold so that the metals seem to melt into each other. The classic satin-sheen wide Bucellati cuff bangle, in white or yellow gold, studded with diamond set clusters is the jewel of the moment, today's aristocratic cloth of gold.

From Bucellati collection

From Bucellati collection

From Bucellati collection

From Bucellati collection

From Bucellati collection

From Bucellati collection

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Luxury Jewellery

Kiki's Trend Report

Kiki McDonough has always been ahead of the trends when designing her bold, contemporary and colourful fine jewellery. Her passion for using unusual semi-precious stones in unique mixes and colour combinations, yet still retaining her trademark style of understated elegance, has made her one of Britain’s most established and respected jewellers. Here, in conversation with top design writer Nicole Swengley, she shows the key pieces in her current collection that are inspired by this season’s fashion, lifestyle and interior design trends.

Old Gold…

Forget glitz. The new look is subtle and luxurious – a golden glow from wallpapers with foil backgrounds or gold-leaf used sparingly on furniture while accessories like cushions in gold faux-leather enhance the halo effect. Designer fashion stores are gleaming with molten-gold gowns, foil-embellished minis and sparkly shirts. And prices of copper, steel and gold are hitting new heights on the international commodity markets. So let’s get shimmery as we head into sunnier days.

Yellow gold is back in a big way. Chunky yellow gold bracelets with textured or smooth links in a choice of subtle, curvy, oval shapes will accessorise any outfit in the working week or at weekends. Often these bold bracelets become a personal “signature”, worn day and night, like a grown-up version of a charm bracelet.
Colour Chameleons…

Eye-zapping catwalk colours for spring/summer embrace a Matisse-like palette of brights: hot pinks, scarlet, electric blue, sunflower yellow, orange and emerald green. Think in megawatts of colour. It’s no place for shrinking violets this season.The mood mellows in the home where coloured glassware is back in style; choose simply-shaped glasses in delicate colours of moss, amber, sky and amethyst or sip cool White Burgundy from beautiful Murano stemware, hand-blown in glimmering greens and blues.

I’ve always loved unusual colour mixes and my new earring collection includes combinations of semi-precious gems such as blue topaz and amethyst or lemon quartz with peridot and citrine or pink tourmaline with peridot and amethyst. And it’s interesting that multi-coloured drop earrings are now taking over from bulky chandelier styles, echoing a more elegant, pre-War era.
Iconic Glamour…

Glamorous interiors are big news. Think black lacquered surfaces, elegant mirrors, big sparkling chandeliers, Hollywood-style black-and-white photographs. Iconic furniture designs – classics from the mid 20th century – are increasingly sought-after to create the all-important “wow” factor. And even home cocktail bars are making a come-back as bespoke, highly-style designs.


Show-stopping rings with a central stone embraced by pave-set gems offer a bold, glamorous look for the Martini set. Bombe cocktail rings with a huge central amethyst surrounded by a cluster of peridot, garnet, citrine, blue topaz and amethyst are real eye-catchers – colourful, textured and dramatic. Our latest design is a big yellow citrine in a landscape of green stones – it’s simply stunning.