8 Eylül 2008 Pazartesi

Luxury Water

Water for Rich People

Why do certain rich people try so hard to make sure everyone knows how much money they have? They wear designer clothes, drive fancy cars, and now, they have their own special water. Bling H2O is catering to the conspicuously wealthy everywhere. A 750 ml. bottle of water is $40, while the smaller version cost $20.

Paris Hilton buys Bling H2O for her dog. In case you want to be just like Paris Hilton, they do offer bottle designs named Paris Pink and Tinkerbell. The limited edition Paris Pink design is a 750 ml. frosted glass bottle with pink Swarovski crystals and sells for $40. The Tinkerbell baby Bling water bottle sells for $20. It looks exactly like the Paris Pink except it is only 375 ml. If you would like to buy a case of (12) 750 ml. water bottles, it will cost about $420!

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