10 Eylül 2008 Çarşamba

Unique brand of Glamour-Rosato

A Rosato jewel allows every woman to celebrate femininity, versatility, and creativity, empowering her to create her own style. The extensive collections can be mixed and matched, giving way to rich combinations of colours, textures and shapes. Combining these elements of magical alchemy brings about a unique treasure that reflects the mood, personality and joys of its wearer. Rosato evokes gold's warmth melted with the desire to share emotions and happy moments and there is always a hint of glamour and irony in all its collections.

Flower Collection. Refinement, freshness, intensity: yellow and white gold blossom to give life to impalpable floral decorations on white enamel almost as if colour dissolves and concentrates in the strength of an absolute shade. It spreads necklaces, rings, earrings with evocative names - Blossoms, Petals, Rose, Jasmine. Each stroke of brush lightens up and adds uniqueness, emotions are translated into all but plain nuances.

Sahara and Safari Collection. A rainbow of enamels that give new life to Rosato's gold. Red, pink, blue, green, black, bronze: Sahara Collection is a variety of colours decorated with little gold leaves handmade one by one. African fashion dominates in the Safari Collection: yellow gold perfectly matching the animalieur eccentricity of zebra and spotted pattern to fit all occasions, daytime as well as night time.

Hermitage Collection. The name calls to mind great artists and unforgettable paintings. Hermitage jewels shine in winter colours: the enamels sparkle in shades of red, violet, bronze and pearl white. Humorous and odd combinations play with the perfect design of earrings, bracelets and chains. Every creation is light, everlasting, elegant and striking at the same time. In this universe, charms turn into little gold nuggets or bizarre and cute 'matrioska' - a perfect balance between handicraft and creative and technological innovation.

Capri Collection. In the mood for summer, Capri is Rosato's Summer Limited Edition. It offers long chains, earrings, bracelets and charms in yellow gold, painted with romantic enamels. Pale blue like the wonderful sea and light red like coral, these colourful jewels evoke the freshness and vitality of Meditteranean summer soirées.

Divina: The new astonishing Rosato collection. It is a fusion of fashion and femininity dedicated to a very elegant woman who wants to be stylish and glamorous in every detail. Gold in its most up-to-date shade - pink - combines its intrinsic eternal value with a very refined look. Rocca's diamond-cut crystal creates a light and shadow effect giving sensuality to the stone. Diamonds inside the highly pure and colourless quartz, give shape to suggestive little cases and romantic ribbons. These magical and charming jewels will be treasured for a lifetime for their sensual and vibrating beauty.

Discover the charm of Rosato's jewels at select Damas outlets across the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, and soon in Saudi Arabia.

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